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Welcome to the Perfumers' Emporium. This page was created due to the increasing requests from our clients for natural perfume materials: the 'rare & exotic natural botanical materials'.

This page is dedicated to all those interested in making their own perfume or personal scent. With time this page will grow as more product is added.

SunRose has made a decision to offer these exotic and rare perfume materials at wholesale prices, so that they are affordable for everyone to enjoy!

Perfumers World ~ Perfumery Glossary
The definitions here are geared towards their general usage in the perfumery industry.

Natural perfume materials: the 'rare & exotic natural botanical materials

* Please Note:
Most perfume materials do not contain any therapeutic qualities. They are meant to be enjoyed solely for their wonderful fragrance, which we all know can have an immediate effect on our minds and spirit.

** Commerically manufactured perfumes are diluted at a ratio of approximately 2% raw material. The materials on this page are non diluted and are at a 100% concentration. Please be advised to use the information according to your blending teachings.

Therefore, the raw materials contained on this page are intended solely for perfume use and under NO circumstances should be applied for skin care preparations, massage oil, or in any other therapeutic manner.

Key: O = Organic, ONC = Organic, not certified, WC = Wildcrafted

'The perfume of sandalwood, the scent of rose & jasmine, travel only as far as the wind.
But the fragrance of goodness travels with us through all the worlds.
Like the garlands woven from a heap of flowers, fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds'.
The Buddha

Wish List:
Please contact us if there is a particular essential oil, absolute or resin you are searching for. We will try to located that material for you and it will be added to this page.