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SunRose Aromatics is proud to announce our affiliation with Click here for a selected list of books.

This list reflects just a few of the many books written about Aromatherapy. If there is a book you want and it is not listed, please ask and we will make every effort to locate and get it to you.

Suggested Further Reading By Martin Watt

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Aromatherapy Insight Cards by Jennifer Jefferies
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The Aromatherapy Insight Cards:

- A practical tool to help you tap into your intuition.
- Develop your emotional awareness.
- Increase your knowledge base as you learn the subtle uses for aromatherapy.

The Guide Book explains the:
- Metaphysical Benefits
- Physical Benefits
- Note
- Chakra
- Color Vibration
for each essential oil.

Complete boxed package includes:
- Guide Book
- 42 Insight Cards beautifully illustrated

Please note: Jennifer Jefferies Insight Cards are now out of print. She is offering them as an ebook. Please go to


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Balms & Salves: How to and Recipes Book

Balms & Salves
How to and Recipes

by Tina Sams & Friends

Well over 50 recipes for salves, balms, lotion bars, and lip balms from our own 20+ years of making them ourselves.

Also several wonderful recipes from friends!

We talk about infusing, properties of herbs, essential oils, base (carrier) oils and butters, and give some great sources.

From gardener's salve to a bug repellant solid bar, from drawing salve to hair pomade - you'll find them all here.

52 pages, saddle bound, color cover.

Retail: $6.95


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Calm Kids by Jennifer Jefferies

Kids of all sizes get wound up at times and lend themselves to the bumps and adventures of life. Natural therapies are a subtle but powerful way of aiding children’s health problems and imbalances and returning that sense of good health and well-being.


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Chakra Balancing - A Beginner's Guide

~ by Rosanne Tartaro

A wonderful introduction and inspiring guide for beginners, exploring the 'how to' in balancing the seven Chakra's in your body.

Retail price $16.00

Please Choose:

 Chakra Balancing - A Beginner's Guide - $19.00


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Crafting the Bath

Ah! Such bliss awaits ... Fragrant confections for the bath have been sent to TEH from all over the continent. Bath brews, cold process soap, Bridal Wedding Tea Bath, bath truffles, and a Honey Butter Hand mask, to name but a few of the 32 wonderful recipes submitted from 17 different herb businesses and shops.


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Essential Man /Essential Woman by David Webb & Jennifer Jefferies

Two books in one!!!

Learn how Essential Oils and realistic nutrition are used to handle stress burnout, tired adrenals, reproductive imbalances such as PMT, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, candida, pregnancy and menopausal imbalances. Discover the why and how to stay balanced and achieve a state of well being again.

Discover how Aromatherapy Essential Oils and realistic nutrition are used to address the day to day ailments that men experience. From smelly feet and skin irritations right through to hangover cures, this book is for every man who wants to help himself, women who want to help their males and mothers who want to help their sons.


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Liquid SunShine: Vegetable Oils for Aromatherapy

by Jan Kusmirek

Liquid SunShine explains how vegetable oils work to benefit skin & health.

Vegetable oils are not glamorous like their exotic cousins the essential oils. Nutritionists are now acknowledging their value to human health. It is clear that we need to know more about the values of Vegetable oils as their vital functions are only just beginning to be understood

It explores:
- how they may be better used in Aromatherapy
- the differences between different oils
- the way growing methods and processing can affect this use & value.

This book is above all practical, written for the layperson and therapist alike. Many different vegetable oils derived from seeds and nuts are discussed and their merits compared. The book is written from experience and concentrates on usable information rather than theory.

A much needed work for all those interested in skin care, health and Aromatherapy.


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