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Amulet Necklaces

Amulet Necklaces are made from natural, semi - precious stone.
Because of this, each stone is unique and comes with a variance in color and veining.
Each semi-precious natural stone features a small reservoir designed to hold just the right amount of essential oil or your own special blend.

Simply select a scent, pop the wick in and take a deep breath .......

They are fragile and may shatter if dropped, so please, take care while putting on or taking off.

Each stone is paired with:
- 23 inch natural black cord with a strong magnetic clasp.
- 3 wicks

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Amethyst Necklace

Color: Purple / Violet with white veins.
Black Cord 23 inches.

  • Alleviates impatience and feelings of victimization.
  • Helps keep the wearer grounded.
  • Amethyst magnifies psychic abilities and right-brain activity.
  • Revered for purifying, and cleansing.
  • The anniversary stone for the 6th year of marriage
  • Birth Stone for Aquarius (Water Bearer)
  • The color of royalty and nobility
  • A symbol of sincerity, security, and peace of mind.


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Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Color: Indigo with gray speckling
Black Cord 23 inches

  • Reputed to bring about harmony in relationships.
  • Objectivity assisting the clearing of emotional baggage.
  • Lapis Lazuli is also powerful during meditation.
  • Believed to be useful in promoting spirituality.
  • Enhances psychic ability.
  • Opens inner awareness, brings strength, and vitality.
  • Yin Yan balancer
  • The anniversary stone for the 7th year of marriage.


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Red Jasper Necklace

Color: Red/ Deep Orange
Black Cord 23 inches

  • Red Jasper brings joy to life.
  • Physical protection, assists the wearer to feel confident.
  • Courage
  • Will power
  • Also believed to have the ability to send negative energy back to the sender; the way a mirror reflects light.


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Rose Quartz Necklace

Color: Very pale almost white in color
Black Cord 23 inches

  • Removes negativity
  • For the Heart Chakra
  • A very gentle, calm and soothing energy
  • Emotional healing, gives comfort to anyone whose heart has been wounded.
  • Encourages Self Love / Inner Peace
  • Promotes forgiveness


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Tiger Eye Necklace

Color: Brown/Black with Distinctive Gold Veining
Black Cord 23 inches

  • A chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock
  • Strengthens convictions & confidence.
  • Focusing the mind.
  • Protection during travel
  • The anniversary stone for the 9th year of marriage.


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