Smoke Out!! Diffuser Blend

Smoke Out!! Diffuser Blend
Clary sage, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Spikenard

Want to quit?
No easy feat!
However, if you reach for this blend ..
instead of that cigarette,
it will ease the craving.
It did for me.

Can also be used in the Pocket Inhaler. (Pocket Inhaler not included.)

Need something to do with your hands while you quit? Try our Worry Stones!

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Do You Want To Quit Smoking? 
This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop!

The benefits of quitting are nearly immediate and long-lasting.
This is what happens inside your body when you put out your last cigarette.

30 minutes after your last cigarette, your blood pressure and pulse drop. 
Smokers often experience cold hands and feet due to poor circulation. 
All it takes is a half an hour after your last cigarette and your hands and feet will begin to warm up.

8 hours after your last cigarette, carbon monoxide levels in your blood drops.
Oxygen levels increase.

2 days after your last cigarette, your sense of smell and taste improve some.
It differs from person to person.

72 hours after your last cigarette, your bronchial tubes relax making breathing
a bit easier.

Between 2 weeks and 3 months after your last cigarette, circulation and lung function improve. You'll experience greater stamina during daily activities and workouts.

Between 1 and 9 months after your last cigarette, congestion and coughing decreases. Your lungs clear mucus more effectively, reducing the frequency of illness and infection. Your energy levels improve.

A year after your last cigarette, your chance of getting heart disease drops to half that of an active smoker.

5 years after your last cigarette, your risk of stroke is the same as a non-smoker. 
Your risk of mouth, throat, and esophageal cancer are halved. 
The risk of cervical cancer falls to that of a non-smoker.

10 years after your last cigarette, your chance of getting lung cancer is half that of a smoker. 
Your risk of pancreatic is approximately the same as that of a non-smoker.

15 years after your last cigarette, your risk of heart disease is about the same as
a non-smoker. Additionally, your overall risk of death is approximately the same
as a non-smoker.
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Packaged in a box which includes:
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1- plastic container for salt
3- organic cotton wicks

New design! A more rounded top and bottom.

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Lavandin var Grosso (O)
View Botanical Name: Lavandula hybrida grosso x burnatii
Country of Origin: France
Method of Cultivation: Organic Qualite France FR-Bio-10
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Plant Material Used: Freshly cut flowering tops
CAS No: 8022-15-9
Flash Point: 75 C
Odor: Clear, sweet and penetrating, similar to Lavender

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Orange, Sweet (O)
View Latin Name: Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck)
Country of Origin: Mexico
Method of Cultivation: Certified Organic
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Plant Material Used: Rind of the organic orange
Appearance & Odor: Intensely yellow orange to deep orange liquid with
characteristic aroma of the outer part of the fresh orange peel.

CAS Number: 8008-57-9
Flash Point: 115 F (Closed Cup) 46 C (Closed Cup)

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Patchouli Indonesia
View Vintage 2014 !

Latin Name:
Pogostemon patchouli
Family: Labiatae (mint family)
Part Used: (Leaves & Branches)
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Scent: An extremely rich, Sweet-herbaceous, Aromatic spicy, Earthy, woodsy-balsamic odor.
Color: Dark orange or brownish color

CAS: 8014-09-3
Flash Point: 100 C

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Spruce (O)
View Botanical Name: Tsuga canadensis
Country of Origin: Canada
Method of Cultivation: Organic
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Plant Material Used: Needles and Twigs

CAS No: 8008-80-8
Flash Point: 40 degrees C

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