Geranium Rose Hydrosol Organic

Geranium Rose Hydrosol Organic
Botanical Name:Pelargonium graveolens
Country of Origin: USA
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Plant Material Used:Leaves & Branches
: pH:4.1
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I just knew this hydrosol would be as lovely as the essential oil! A rich, luscious, sweet, floral with roselike overtones.

Stability & shelf Life:
Moderately stable. The odor begins to diminish after 14 to 16 months depending on storage.

The favorite all types of skin care water for everyone from young to old. Balancing & adaptogenic for oily, dry and sensitive skins. On its own or combined with other hydrosols it makes a terrific addition to every kind of aesthetic product & treatment for the face and body:
- lotions
- toners
- moisturizers
- cleansers
- in face masks instead of water
- combine with honey & use as a treatment for wind damaged and overly dry skin.

Geranium hydrosol has also been known to:
- use as a makeup remover
- used as a spray directly on the face over make up to refresh & rehydrate.
- very cooling, geranium calms sunburns, rashes, & insect bites

Said to balance the males and female energies. Makes a lovely perfume/body spray. Appeals to men as it is not to floral as an aftershave spray.

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Wanda Sellar - Directory of Essential Oils
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