Bruise Away Synergy

Bruise Away Synergy
Blended oils of:
- Arnica Infused in Sunflower (O)
- Comfrey Infused in Sunflower
- Jojoba Carrier Oil
- Helichrysum italicum (O)
- Lavandin
- Chamomile Roman (O)
- Peppermint
- Vitamin E
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This synergy was created to assist with pain (ouch) and bruising (those pretty colors of blue and purple)on your skin.

- Arnica Infused for external use in injuries in which the skin is not broken such as bruises, rheumatic muscle and joint problems, contusions and swellings.
- Comfrey Infused also has been used to help heal bruises and sprains.
- Helichrysum for anit-inflammatory,
- Lavendin is just a great pain reliever,
- Chamomile Roman is soothing for external swelling and inflammory pain,
- Peppermint has historically been used for liniments for the relief of muscle pain, bruises and contusions.

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Calophyllum (Foraha) Organic, Rosehip Seed Organic. Essential oils of Ravensara aromatica Organic, Bergamot Organic, Rosalina, Melissa Wild Crafted.

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Scar Blend Synergy
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    Blended Oils of:
  • Rosehip Organic
  • Calendula infused Organic 
  • Apricot Kernel Virgin Organic
  • Evening Primrose 10% GLA Organic
  • Helichrysum italicum Wild Crafted
  • Chamomile German 
  • Vitamin E

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Sweetgrass Hydrosol (O)
View Country of Origin: USA / Organic
Botanical name: Hierochloe odorata
Method of Cultivation: Organic
Method of Extraction: Stem Distill
Plant Material Used: Aerial
pH: 7.6

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Pepper, Pink
View Botanical Name: Schinus terebinthifolia
Country of Origin : Madagascar
Cultivation : Conventional
Method of Extraction : Steam Distilled
Plant Material Used : Dried crushed fruit

Flash Point : > 60 C
Description : Straw colored to greenish oil
Synonym : pink pepper (baie rose, pimienta rosa, rosa pfeffer)

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Rosemary Hydrosol ONC
Country of Origin: Australia
Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis var Herb Cottage
Method of Cultivation: grown & distilled according to the principles of organic farming.

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