Rose Otto, Turkey

Rose Otto, Turkey
known as ' Anatolian Rose Oil'

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena
Country of Origin: Turkey
Extraction Method: Hydro distilled
Plant Material: petals /flowers

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Date / Lot # 06-09 / TU-18
CAS NO: 8007-01-0
FEMA: 2989
FDA Reg.Nr. 1370 4218 380

Note: Middle
Chakra: Heart

Be aware that Rose Bulgaria & Rose Turkey - have subtle scent differences. Country of Origin will effect the scent of this material. As I always say, scent is a 'personal' thing. Only you will know which one is your favorite.

Rose opens the heart and soothes feelings such as anger, fear and anxiety. Most agree Rose Oil is effective for all levels of life, for the soul, spirit and body.

The compassion of the Rose is revealed in its ability to heal emotional wounds. The scent is well known to give comfort in heartbreak, emotional losses, broken trust and violated feelings in general.

Historical & Traditional Uses:
Rose symbolizes youth, love, perfection & beauty. In ancient Rome, the rose was a sign of pleasure & rose petals were strewn over the floor and along the streets for festivals and feasts they wore rose garlands as a prevention against drunkenness.

Classified as cool and moist in nature, is recommended for clearing heat and inflammation.

For hot conditions involving the liver and gall bladder that results in tension, irritability, headache and constipation.

Opens the portals between the heart and liver.

Blends well with all essential oils.

We also offer this in a 10 % dilution in Fractionated Coconut:
Please visit our Single Notes 10 % Dilution page.

Our Rose Hydrosol is wonderful for your skin.
Visit our hydrosol page: Rose Alba Hydrosol

Or .. our A Rose is a Rose Massage after bath & body oil.

Rose Poem!

"There is never a daughter of the earth but once,
ere the tale of her days is done,
She will know the scent of the Eden Rose,
just once beneath the sun.
And whatever else she may win or lose,
enduring or do, or dare,
She will never forget the enchantment it gave
to the common air;
For the world may give her content or joy,
fame, sorrow or sacrifice,
But the hour that brought the scent of the rose,
she lived it in Paradise."
- - Rudyard Kipling

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A Rose is a Rose Massage & After Bath & Body Oil
View Rose is the 'Queen of Flowers' the sacred flower throughout the ages. Rose is said to also be effective on all levels of life, for the soul, spirit and body.

In our Professional Formula #3 as the base:
Rice Bran Refined, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Rosehip Seed (O), Essential Oil of Rose Otto from Bulgaria, Rose Absolute Turkey, Evening Primrose & Vitamin E.

Rose is especially an excellent emollient, with softening and hydrating properties which makes it ideal for all skin care. Wonderful for all types, especially mature, dry or sensitive skin.

Representing the passion of the spirit ~
deep, vivacious and alive.
It shows us love, not only human love ~
which is a gift unto itself,
but spiritual love.

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Clary Sage Extra ~ France
View Latin Name: Salvia sclarea
Country of Origin: France
Method of Cultivation: Conventional
Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Plant Material Used: Flowering tops and Foliage
CAS No: 8016-63-5
Flash Point (Closed cup): 80 C
Apperance: Pale yellow to yellow liquid
Odor: Ethereal, ambered, characteristic
Uses: Perfume, cosmetic

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Geranium, Bourbon (O)
View Botanical Name:Pelargonium graveolens - Organic
Country of Origin: Madagascar
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Plant material used: Leaves and branches
Family: Geraniaceae
Note: Middle
CAS No: 8000-46-2
Flash Point: 93 C

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Lavender True (O)
View Latin Name: Lavendula angustifolia
Country of Origin: France
Family: Labiatae
Method of Cultivation: Organic
Extraction Method:Steam distilled
Plant Material Use: freshly cut flowering tops
CAS No: 8000-28-0
Flash Point: 76 C

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow.
Odor: Characteristic, fresh, floral.

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Orange, Sweet (O)
View Latin Name: Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck)
Country of Origin: USA
Method of Cultivation: Certified Organic
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Plant Material Used: Rind of the organic orange
Appearance & Odor: Intensely yellow orange to deep orange liquid with characteristic aroma of the outer part of the fresh orange peel.
CAS Number: 8008-57-9
Flash Point: 115 F (Closed Cup) 46 C (Closed Cup)

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Mandarin, Red (O)
View Latin Name: Citrus nobilis
Family: Rutaceae
Country of Origin: Italy
Method of Cultivation:Organic
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Plant Material Used: Fruit Peel
Note: Top to Middle
CAS No:8008-31-9
Flash Point: 48 C

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