Tagete Absolute Extra

Tagete Absolute Extra
Country of Origin: France
Botanical Name: Tagetes glandulifera Schrank
Extraction Method: Alcohol Extraction from the concrete
Plant Material Used: from the tagete blooming plant
Flash Point (closed cup): 50 C
TSCA: 8016-84-0

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The color of this material is just brilliant. A viscous dark orange/reddish liquid. Odor is intensely herbaceous-green, with a sweet-fruity undertone and a somewhat bitter-herby dry out. It is one of those materials that you will love (like I do) or will find highly disagreeable.

In perfumery, it will be necessary to work it up into high dilutions in order to obtain pleasant and useful effects.

Blends well with:
Clary sage, tobacco, bergamot & other citrus oils, all representing fruity-herbaceous and tobacco-like notes.

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Jasmine Sambac Extra
Botanical Name: Jasminum var sambac  L.
Country of Origin: India
Family: Oleaceae
Method of Extraction: Solvent Extraction Alcohol
Plant Material Used: Flowers (known as Chameli or Chambeli) 1

CAS No: 91770-14-8
Flash Point: 84 degrees C

Appearance: a viscous, very dark orange or chocolate  brown liquid. 
Odor: extremely rich and tenacious body, sweet flowery and exotic. Slightly heady.

Synonyms: mogra

Rare & Exotic
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Mimosa Absolute Extra French
View Botanical Name: Acacia decurrens
Country of Origin: France
Method of Cultivation: Conventional
Method of Extraction: Alcohol extraction from the concrete
Plant Material Used: Extraction from Mimosa blooming branch (Acacia decurrens Willd. Var. dealbata).
Aspect: Yellow to greenish yellow thick mass
Odor: Sweet, floral, woody

CAS No: 8031-03-6
Flashing Point (Closed Cup): > 100 degrees C

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