Catnip Hydrosol (O)

Catnip Hydrosol (O)
Country of Origin: USA / Organic
Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria
Organic - Steam / hydro Distillation
Plant Material: Leaf
pH 4.5
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Contains NO preservatives.

Hydrosols are an aqueous product of steam/hydro distillation. Period. They are not spring water with added essential oils. Quality hydrosols are produced by distilling fresh plant material.

Straight from the Artisan Distiller to you. This hydrosol is distilled from organic Catnip leaves.

Stability & Storage:
The shelf life is approximately one year, although if stored properly longer. As with all hydrosols, refrigeration is recommended to extend shelf life.

Floral waters, also known as Hydrosols, make excellent toners. Usually containing a very small amount of essential oil and water soluble extracts of the plant.

Big fun for your kitties!!! They just love this Hydrosol.

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