Everlasting Beauty Gift Set

Everlasting Beauty Gift Set
Discover the secret to "Everlasting Beauty" with our all-natural skin care regimen.
Everyday of your life pollution, grime and dust attach themselves to the surface to your skin,
so it is especially important to cleanse and moisture daily to remove these impurities.

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Take 5 minutes of your day to care for yourself and you will be on the road to a vibrant flawless face and smoother, healthier, younger looking skin skin.

Start with our Tea Tree Cool Mint Soap & Walnut Sponge Exfoliating - which turns any soap into a facial scrub.
The texture of the Walnut Sponge makes it suitable for all skin types (especially mature skin) and can be used daily.

- 1 Sample Soap Bar -Tea Tree Cool Mint with Green Clay

- Walnut Sponge for Exfoliating 

- 10 ml :  Hydrosol Rosehip (O) - Follow up with our Rosehip Hydrosol (O) spray. Hydrosols are the by-product of a steam distillation, which means they carry all of the wonderful healing properties of the material they are derived from. In this case, Hydrosol Rosehip is an excellent skin tonic and natural skin toner and the highest form of Vitamin C for your skin. 
Use this product after you've come out of a warm shower as your pores are opened to their fullest capacity and your skin can completely absorb the hydrosol.

- 2 oz : AgeLess Elixir Facial Formula: 

Lastly, while your face is still wet from the hydrosol use our specially formulated Ageless Facial Elixir to moisturize and nourish your skin. Our exclusive formula will provide your skin with the highest quality of vitamins A, C, & E. One drop will go a long way, so use it sparingly.

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Vanilla Glow
A synergy of:

* Vanilla Infused Fractionated Coconut
* Lavandin Organic
* Vanilla Absolute
* Base of Professional Formula # 3

Available in 10ml or 30ml clear glass spray bottles, or as a 10ml roll on.

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