Lavender Lover's Deluxe Gift Set

Lavender Lover's Deluxe Gift Set
Soothing and Relaxing!
Lavender has been revered for centuries because of its Elegant scent & Comforting quality!
This Gift Set is guaranteed to satisfy Lavender Lover�s of all ages.
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Lovely Lavender Himalayan Salt Scrub
Himalayan Salt has the unique ability to balance the positive and negative energy of anything it comes in contact with-including you! We've coupled that with the highest quality carrier oils and the purest all natural essential oils to create a superior scrub that will leave your skin looking fresh and polished.
- approx. 12.8 oz -

Luscious Lavender Body Oil
Our exclusive Luscious Lavender body oil was specially formulated for the most discerning of Lavender Lover's. Lather your thirsty skin with this luscious oil or add a few drops to your bath for an evening of true relaxation.
- 2 oz -

Organic Lavender Hydrosol
A 'hydrosol', is the by-product of a steam distillation, which means it carries all of the wonderful healing properties of the material it was derived from. In this case, Lavender is excellent for calming cranky moods & it helps reduce inflammation after shaving. All hydrosols make excellent toners, which add moisture to the skin's surface.
- 1 oz -

Handmade Aromatic Soaps: Lovely Lavender & Lavender ButtermilkAfter searching high and low for the perfect handmade soaps we feel we have found the best available and at the same time we are supporting the small American business woman!

These handmade soaps are as fragrant as they are beautiful. Made with only the highest quality ingredients including but not limited to olive oil, coconut oil, coconut cream, shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil for a rich feel and a luxurious lather that rinses away.

Use the included Net Sponge to create an incredible lather.
- approx. 5-6 oz bar -

Tea-Light Candle Diffuser & Lovely Lavender Diffuser Synergy
Transform any room into a haven of repose with our exclusive Lovely Lavender Diffuser Synergy.

Lavender is the most popular and versatile essential oil. It is extremely calming and relaxing and can help in reaching deeper states of meditation.

* Diffusers vary according to inventory.
- 15ml Lovely Lavender Diffuser Synergy -

Lafe's Natural & Organic Lavender Deodorant
Enjoy the calm and soothing effect of Lavender Essential oil as it helps reduce stress and provide effective natural deodorant protection. Lafe's deodorant's use certified organic hemp oil, aloe vera and essential oils. They do not contain aluminum or aluminum chlorhydrate, they are paraben and Propylene glycol free and they have antibacterial properties of aerobic oxygen.

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