Pre-Shave Oil

Pre-Shave Oil
Protect your skin and prevent razor irritation with our all natural pre-shave oil. 
Using a pre-shave oil allows you the possibility of obtaining the closest shave possible 
resulting in ultra smooth kissable skin. 
The base of all our pre-shave formulas is comprised of the highest quality carrier oils available. 

Your choice of scents: BackWoods Man, Minty Fresh

Back Woods Man Special:

2 oz - $21.20
4 oz - $35.60 On Special (20% off * $7.12 savings)   - $28.48
8 oz - $61.60 On Special (20% off * $12.32 savings) - $49.28

Minty Fresh Special : 

2 oz - $23.30
4 oz - $37.20 On Special (20% off * $7.46 savings) -   $29.84
8 oz - $65.90 On Special (20% off * $13.18 savings) - $52.72
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Choose your Scent ~ 

BackWoods Man - the scent is rich, herbaceous with a very pleasant woody balsamic undertone. 
Very manly and earthy .. a walk in the woods.
Minty Fresh - refreshing and uplifting  great way to start the day.

  • Rice Bran: is an antioxidant used in cosmetic products for its softening an moisturizing properties.
  • Jojoba: because of its high compatibility with our natural skin, it is considered to be a very efficient component in skin care products.
  • Organic Argan Virgin: is a free radical scavenger containing both carotenes and phytosterols. It is used in cosmetic products to treat mature skin and premature aging due to sun damage.
  • Calendula infused in Organic Sunflower: is ultra moisturizing and it is high in vitamins: A, D & E and minerals: calcium, zinc, potassium, iron & phosphorous.
  • Organic Rosehip Seed: aides in the regeneration of skin cells, repairs damaged tissues and slows signs of premature aging. And it offers our skin the highest form of Vitamin C of any material on earth!!
  • Vitamin E: is an antioxidant.

To Use Simply:

  • Start with a facial cleanser to wash your face, we recommend our handcrafted, all natural bar soap in Tea Tree Cool Mint which has gentle exfoliating Green Clay chips.
  • Then lubricate your face by applying our Pre-Shave oil. Using your fingertips in a gentle circular motion, apply a liberal amount of oil to the area being shaved.
  • Finally shave the area using shaving cream. When you are finished we recommend following up with a hydrosol mist.