Hemp Seed Virgin Carrier Oil (O)

Hemp Seed Virgin Carrier Oil (O)
Botanical Name: Cannabis sativa
Country of Origin: Canada
Method of Cultivation: Certified Organic
Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed
Plant Material Used: from the seeds of Cannabis sativa

CAS No: 68953-68-3
Melting Point: - 8 degrees C (18 degrees F)

Color: Emerald green to dark green
Odor: Nutty, grassy

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Information from our Supplier's Data Sheets::

Virgin Hemp Seed Carrier Oil has a characteristic deep green liquid used in applications including:

  • nutritional supplement
  • food
  • cosmetic
  • industrial

This Virgin (Unrefined) Hemp Seed has a characteristic odor and taste.

With high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids and low levels of saturated fatty acids, this material is a unique oil known for its healthy properties.

Cosmetically ~

The essential fatty acids contribute to the oil's properties which help combat:

  • dry
  • damaged
  • aging skin

Uses ~

  • soaps
  • lotions
  • tip balms
  • creams

* Many of its applications are products that hope to counteract and prevent dry and damaged skin.

As a result of the oil's high polyunsaturated fatty acid content, heat exposure should be limited.

If stored properly the shelf life is 3 yrs when stored in upopened container at or below 22 degrees C protected from the light and heat.

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