Himalayan Pink Salt Naturally Pure

Himalayan Pink Salt Naturally Pure
500 grams ( 1.1 lb bag ) Packaged in cotton bag of Fine Grind.
The salt is packed in a poly bog to maintain freshness, and then enclosed in a decorative cotton pouch.

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The following information is from our supplier's page:

Wow, what can we say about our Himalayan Salt "Edible Salt" ... a lot! This category offers up some of the most exciting culinary enhancement products to hit the market in years.

Himalayan Salt is nothing like common table salt (sodium chloride), which through processing contains no nutritional value. This is why table salt has been found to be a problem in so many diets. All essential minerals and trace elements have been removed from the sodium chloride as they are considered impurities. The remaining "sodium" and "chloride" is what causes havoc in so many people. It is exactly these "removed" minerals and trace elements that are needed by your body to maintain a neutral pH1.

Salt, should not be looked at just for flavoring food! Salt should be viewed as essential for keeping your body in balance. Himalayan Pink Gourmet Salt is a natural product containing 84 valuable minerals and trace elements needed by your system.

Himalayan Pink Gourmet Salt comes in a variety of forms, bricks for grilling, tiles for serving, and Himalayan Pink Salt for shaking and grinding. Himalayan Pink Gourmet Salt infuses not only a wonderful flavor to your food, but enhances the nutritional value of the food itself through the addition of the 84 minerals and trace elements it contains.

Once you start using Himalayan Pink Gourmet Salt there will be no going back to sodium chloride.

1. Handel, Dr. Med. Barbara, Ferreira, Peter; Water and Salt: The Essence of Life: the Healing Power of Nature. Natural Resources, Inc. 2003; pages 108-111.

From our supplier's page

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