Aroma2Go USB Diffusers

Aroma2Go  USB Diffusers
- USB port
- Refill Cartridges

Colors: Black, Purple, Pink & White

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Per the manufacture:

- Comes with 1 empty refillable glass cartridge that you fill with your favorite Essential Oil or Synergy.
- Great for people that work on laptops at offices, allergy sufferers, people travelling or any one that would like to cleanse the air around them while near a USB port.

This diffuser works by Ultrasonic diffusion to keep all of the essential oils properties.

Does not create a steady stream of mist like most regular diffusers but 13-60 second bursts of diffused essential oil. You won't have to worry about your neighbor sitting next to you complaining about the mist in his or her face. This creates a barrier around you at your laptop. (we also sell addtional empty cartridges in packs of 3)

Ideal for the office, car or home.
- mobile
- practical
- silent

Please Note:
* this USB diffuser is NOT a USB flash drive.
* 90 Day Warranty.

Instructions for maintenance:

"Cleaning dropper included"

How to Use:

Simply fill the bottle approximately � full, (over filling will result in oil spilling causing damage to the diffuser which will void the 90 Day warranty) with an essential oil or blend, use ONLY pure essential oils.

Using fragrance oils, thick oils or oils that have a carrier oil in them may cause the unit to malfunction. The unit will NOT be replaced in this case.

Insert bottle into diffuser, slide lid in place, and plug the diffuser into a USB port.

NOTE: Hot oils, such as clove, oregano, etc. and any blends that contain these oils may melt the plastic. We recommend if you use these oils, use them sparingly.

To clean:

- unplug the diffuser and remove the oil bottle.
- Use the small cleaning dropper or a Q-Tip to drop 2-3 drops of alcohol into the ultrasonic disc (where the bottle goes in) and where the mist comes out).
- Plug the diffuser in, set it on the 10 second setting, and let run until all the alcohol is misted out.
- Unplug the diffuser and insert the oil bottle again and use as normal.
- You may have to clean bottle tip as well with alcohol.

Please NOTE: You can return the diffuser, if we find it is a working unit, we will notify you to pay the return shipping. If it is not a working unit, we will replace at no cost to you for up to six months from date of purchase.

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