Shea Butter, (O) Naturally Refined

Shea Butter, (O) Naturally Refined

100% Natural
Traditional crushed ~ Solvent Free
Naturally refined.

Botanical Name : Butyrospermum parkii
Country of Origin: Ghana
Method of Cultivation: Organic
Method of Extraction: Crushed / Expeller pressed
Plant Part Used: Seed from the nut of the Karite Tree
CAS No: 68424-60-2

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The fruit, similar to a small avocado, with a tasteful pulp contains a nut which kernel yields the precious butter by crushing. The impurities are removed by a treatment with hot water. It is then neutralized and refined by a physical process.

Shea butter is a staple of African pharmacopoeia. It is used as a decongestant, for its draining properties and as an anti inflammatory against arthritis and for soothing strains. It is also a wonderful healing agent, accelerating cicatrization of wounds and burns.


- Regenerative activity:
* Improvement of wrinkled and atrophic skin appearance.
- Skin aging treatment:
* Using Shea Butter helps the skin to recover its clarity and suppleness and to reduce wrinkles.
- Moisturizing activity:<br> * Shea Butter significantly increases the hydration of superficial layers of epidermis.

Cosmetic Uses:
INCI: .......... Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter)

Aspect: Butter
Color: Ivory
Melting range: 28 - 40 C
Unsaponifiables: 5 - 10%
Storage: in unopened containers below 25 degrees C
Antioxidant: Natural tocopherol

Shea butter imparts a pleasant smooth feeling to the skin while improving its softness. It helps to:

  • protect skin against weather and UV aggression
  • prevent wrinkle formation
  • soothe irritated skin and heal chapped skin
  • moisturize the epidermis
  • revitalize and impart shine and luster to dry/damaged hairs

Recommended uses for:

Skin care: up to 15% in:
* Protecting - regenerating - moisturizing - anti - aging products
* Dry skin products - Sensitive skin products
* Body creams - hand creams - body lotions - winter sports products
* Anti Stretch mark products
* Baby products - shaving & after shaves - after waxing

Sun care: up to 25% in:
* SPF booster for sun protection
* Soothing and moisturizing after sun products

Lipsticks - Lip balms: from 5%
Cosmetic powders - liquid make up: up to 3%
Ethnic & Athletic products - Body butters: may be used pure

Soap bar: up to 10%
Bath & Shower products: up to 2%
Hair care: up to 3% in dry hair and after coloring products

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