The Essential Herbal Magazine September / October 2014

The Essential Herbal Magazine September / October 2014
In this issue:

* Field Notes from the Editor - Sometimes it's the simplest things that make a summer in the garden memorable.
* Horse Radish - Jackie Johnson - Growing, harvesting and preserving this pungent, healthful root.
* Beer Bread - Marci Tsohonis - Make a quick bread with a bottle of beer.
* Accidental Herb Garden - Gail LaScala - How does a garden become so full of pleasant surprises?
* Alehoof - Carol Anne Harlos - A weed with many nicknames, we forget the many uses of this one.
* Fall Fun with Herbs - Catherine Love - Bake up the recipe included, and enjoy these last days of outdoor productivity.
* Visit to Twa Corbies' Hollow - Heddy Johannesen - A fascinating autumn visit to a permaculture homestead in the Nova Scotia highlands.
* Roots: Your Best Defense - Marita A Orr - So many wonderful roots at our "toe-tips' just waiting to help.
* Kitchen Oil - Rita Richardson - A culinary masterpiece, every time.
* Mother of Vinegars - Adrian White - A primer on herbal kombuchas and oyxmels!
* Midwest Womens' Conference Interviews - Jamie Jackson - Visit with Kristine Brown and Gail Faith Edwards.
* Pumpkins & Jack o'Lanterns - Marcy Lautanen Raleigh - Yummilicious fall treats that feature our favorite fall vegetable.
* Soap Connection, Elderflower Honey-Ale Soap - Marci Tsohonis - Complete instructions to make this unusual skin loving soap.
* Your Sump'The Lymphatic System - Suzan Tobias SchollS - Get a better understanding of this critical internal defensive warrior.
* Sage Advice - Sandy Michelsen - Think of sage as a turkey herb? It has so much more to offer!
* Root Drawings by Carey Jung - Thanks to Carey for the drawings throughout the magazine.

~ ~ And so much more!!!

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