Vanilla Glow

Vanilla Glow
A synergy of:

* Vanilla Infused Fractionated Coconut
* Lavandin Organic
* Vanilla Absolute
* Base of Professional Formula # 3

Available in 10ml or 30ml clear glass spray bottles, or as a 10ml roll on.
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Gail Adrian, Fragranceur was kind enough to critique this synergy for SunRose:

Wild! Just wild!

Rosanne Tartaro has managed to combine the herbal sharpness of her own Lavandin with the softness of three different vanilla extractions. Vanilla can potentially overtake a synergy, But this particular lavandin with its just tart enough top notes, is able to hold its own in a balanced duet with the vanilla. The initial waft of herbal/green/sweet/tart is a perfect introduction. There is absolutely no bitterness, nor an overpowering culinary feel. This accord provides an immediate fresh stimulation that captures your attention and then mellows out.

If you were working on cologne, this is a valuable accord for your organ. Bracing and nurturing, this combination offers multiple opportunities to expand the spectrum without being tied down to a strict aromatic family. You can floralize it for a daytime perfume. You could expand on the vanilla and create a seductive boudoir aroma. A leather theme is also possible.

A delicious way to familiarize yourself with this blend: Spray your closet and lingerie drawer.
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Professional Formula #1
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* Excellent for mature or aging skin.
* Useful in skin care products.

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