The Essential Herbal Magazine - January / February 2015

The Essential Herbal Magazine - January / February 2015
 In this issue:
  • Field Notes,Tina Sams
    How do we absorb herbal knowledge?
  • About the Cover
    Announcing our 2015 cover artist -Carey Adler Jung!
  • The Healing Mists,Liz Henle
    Rediscover an ancient women's healing ritual.
  • Winter Moisturizing,Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
    Make these softening and moisturizing skin delights.

~ And so much more!!!

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Also in this issue:
  • Through the Looking Glass,Susanna Reppert Brill
    A glimpse into the life of Fairy Artist, Cicely Mary Barker. First in a new series!
  • What Will You Do This Winter?List Article
    We asked the Yahoo! group what they are looking forward to in the quiet of winter.
  • Making Time,Rachel Johnston
    The things you love most often fall to the end of the list. Shouldn't they come first?
  • Matcha Tea,Jackie Johnson
    Revered for thousands of years, this powdered tea deserves a place in your cup.
  • Dried Flower Candle Decals,Maryanne Schwartz
    Turn a plain pillar candle into a work of art, or make a wax hurricane lamp.
  • Creativitea,Molly Sams
    So many herbs to try!
  • Elders & Herbs: People, Pets & Herbs,Janice Masters
    Companion animals benefit from the food as medicine adage, with a sprinkling of herbs.
  • 2015 Herbs in the Spotlight,Tina Sams
    This year, Savory and Common Dittany have been chosen for study.
  • TMJ,Adrian White
    Herbal help for Temporal mandibular Joint Disorder.
  • Herbal Crafting with Kids,Sharlene Young-Bolen
    Fun projects for kids.
  • Balsam Poplar (Cottonwood) Soap,Marci Tsohonis
    Oil infused with Cottonwood buds is the base for this luxury bar.
  • Interesting Folk Remedies for Cold and Flu,Sandy Michelsen
    A collection of ways to ease those winter bugs, including chicken soup.
  • Excerpts from Granny's Remedy Book,Susan Hess
    19th century Pennsylvania cough remedies, many of which (or variations) are still in common use.
  • 3 Categories of Skin Issues,Jamie Jackson
    So you say you have a rash, eh?
  • Scents from the Still Room,Catherine Love
    Refreshing the scent of home in the middle of winter.

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