Butter CO2-se Extract

Butter CO2-se Extract
Country of Origin: Germany
Extract Method: CO2 extraction
Material Used: Distillate of anhydrous milk fat
CAS-No.: 91745-88-9
Flash Point: (closed cup) 61 C

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Contains volatile aroma components.

At room temperature turbid oil, at 40C clear yellow oil with the characteristic butter flavour, stabilized with Rosemary Antioxidant.

Raw material:
Destillate of anhydrous milk fat

The aroma components of the butter concentrate are enriched by counter current column extraction with natural carbon dioxide, no solvent residues, no inorganic salts, no heavy metals, no reproducible microorganisms.

Fatty acid esters mainly esters of butter-, caproic-, myristic- and palmitic acid, volatile flavor ingredients, 2-Alkanones (e.g.. 2-Nonanone, 2-Undecanone, 2-Tridecanone, 2-Tetradecanone, 2-Pentacecanone), Lactones (e.g. Decalactone, Undecalactone, Dodecalactone)

Bakeries, confectionery, candies, ice cream, popcorn, cereals, dressings; combines well with vanilla and cocoa flavour.
For flavourings - contains Antioxidant: Rosemary extract.


The product is manufactured from the named raw material. It contains apart from theRosemary Antioxidant no additives and no other technical adjuncts. The product is 100 % natural and it corresponds to the EC Flavoring Regulation No. 1334/2008 for flavoring preparations.

Unopened container under cool and dry storage conditions and exclusion of light at least 5 years.

External use only.
Do not use undiluted on the skin.
Store away from children and pets.

[1] Manninen P., Haivala E., Sarimo S., Kallio H. : Z. Lebens Unters Forsch A (1997) 204: 202-205

These data are given for customer's information only to the best of our knowledge but under exemption of liability especially regarding infringement of or prejudice to third party rights through the use of this product. This information is not a substitute for prior tests demonstrating the suitability of the product for the intended use. Users are responsible for ensuring the compliance with the applicable legislation. The concentrated extracts are raw materials for product formulation. Hence they are not intended for direct consumption in food and for undiluted topical application in cosmetics, perfumery and aromatherapy. Keep away from children.

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