Diffuser Blend Set ~ Winter Spice

Diffuser Blend Set ~ Winter Spice
- 15 ml Spice is Nice
Sweet Orange (O), Cassia Natural, Listea & Cinnamon Leaf (O)

- 15 ml Scandinavian Winter
Spruce & Cedarwood
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- 15 ml Spice is Nice
Sweet Orange (O), Cassia, Litsea, & Cinnamon Leaf (O)
Sugar & Spice and everything nice.

- 15 ml Scandinavian Winter
Spruce & Cedarwood
A blast of the outdoors!
The scent of the forest.
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Peppermint USA Wilamette (O)
View Latin Name: Mentha piperita
Country of Origin: USA
Method of Cultivation: Organic
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Parts Used: leaves & flowering tops

CAS No: 8006-90-4
Flash Point:  67 degrees C (153 F) (closed cup)

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid.
Odor:           Minty, cooling, Herbal

Lot No: CO560-7000207180
Use by: Feb 2020

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Reed Sticks
View * Our Reed Sticks are 10 inches in length and 3.25 mm
* Each reed stick contains 20 or more individual cellular sections that run from top to bottom
   of the 20 micro-mini-straws, totally open to pulling liquid from bottom to top.
* This wicks the fragrance from inside the bottle, carries it to the top surface of the reed,
   and releases the fragrance into the air.
* Suitable reed diffuser replacement for any brand of diffuser oils.
* Guaranteed to throw scent quickly and for several months. Use about a dozen in your fragrance diffuser oil bottle.

Reed Sticks:
25 piece  ...... $5.00
50 piece  ...... $7.00
100 piece ..... $11.95
300 piece ..... $31.00
500 piece ..... $47.00

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4 oz Clear Bottle &
2 oz Fractionated Coconut  .. $5.00

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