Buchu Betulina Leaf Oil Extra

Buchu Betulina Leaf Oil Extra
Country of Origin: South Africa
Botanical Name: Barosma betulina
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Plant material used: dried leaves
Cas No: 68650-46-4
Flash Point: 65 degrees C (closed Cup)
Uses: Flavor, perfume
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A herb which grows wild and abundant in South Africa.
Tinctures, oleoresins and other extracts are products for pharmaceutical purposes.
One of the main constituents of Buchu is Diosphenol, a terpenoid phenol. It is responsible for the antiseptic effect. A significant percentage of menthone in the oil is probably the cause of the
minty odor and somewhat cool flavor of the oil.
The main chemical component of buchu oil: d-pulegone, iso-pulegone, diosphenol, 4-diosphenol, iso-menthone and menthone.
Buchu leaf is used in:
chypre bases, certain types of colognes, etc. for its powerful,
diffusion and freshness.
Color: Pale yellow to deep yellow liquid, can crystallize
Odor: Very peculiar: strong, bitter-sweet, minty-camphoraceous, rootlike, penetrating & somewhat medicinal, reminiscent of cough preparations.
The leaves have a rue-like smell, and are used by the natives to perfume their bodies.

May cause skin irritation.
Do not use during pregnancy. 
External use only.
Do NOT use undiluted on the skin.
Store away from children & pets.
Arctander, Steffen : Perfume & Flavor Materials of Natural Origin
pg. 107 / 108
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Photo by Lucien Mahin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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