All Natural Perfumes - Signature Scents Sampler #2

All Natural Perfumes - Signature Scents Sampler #2
Our 'All Natural Perfume' Sampler is a great
way to experience our Signature Scents !

Set of 4: 5ml Spray bottles. One each of:

* Patchouli Garden
* Rose Bouquet
* Sanguine Spirit
* Vanilla Glow
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Many people are sensitive to synthetic perfumes.

And so, many of us in the 'all natural' industry
are creating 'All Natural Perfume'
or what I like to call ..
'Signature Scents' that resonates with you.

We create our 'scents' in carrier oil base.
Which is our preference.

Some like to use perfumer's alcohol to create
their perfume.

It is fun to create your own 'signature scents'
or .. try some of our creations.
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Lavender True (O)
View Latin Name: Lavendula angustifolia
Country of Origin: France
Family: Labiatae
Method of Cultivation: Organic
Extraction Method:Steam distilled
Plant Material Use: freshly cut flowering tops
CAS No: 8000-28-0
Flash Point: 76 C

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow.
Odor: Characteristic, fresh, floral.

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Evening Primrose 10% GLA Carrier Oil (O)
View Botanical Name: Oenothera biennis
Family: Onagraceae
Country of Origin: China
Method of Cultivation: Organic
Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed
Plant Material Used: Seeds

Description: A natural triglyceride oil, cold pressed and filtered.
The oil is a clear light honey colored with a bland characteristic odor.

Call for larger.

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Professional Formula #2
View Fractionated Coconut, Apricot Kernel, Marula Oil Organic, Rosehip Seed Oil & Vitamin E.

* Highly nourishing for mature & dry skin.
* High levels of Palmitoleic acid.
* Good for wrinkles or 'crows feet' around the eyes & mouth.
* Hydrates skin & reduces redness.

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Smoke Out!! Diffuser Blend
View Clary sage, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Spikenard

Want to quit?
No easy feat!
However, if you reach for this blend ..
instead of that cigarette,
it will ease the craving.
It did for me.

Can also be used in the Pocket Inhaler. (Pocket Inhaler not included.)

Need something to do with your hands while you quit? Try our Worry Stones!

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Breathe Easy Diffuser Blend
View Eucalyptus dives NonSprayed, Lemon Myrtle (WC), Tea Tree

Created for centering and calming, causing one to take deep, slow breaths.

These oils are known to work together to assist in clearing the sinuses when used in a steam inhalation.

Also, been known to ease the lower respiratory conditions.

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