Blue Moon Essential Oils

Blue Moon Essential Oils
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The 'blue essential oils' contain the chemical constituent: 'Chamazulene'.

Chamazulene is a powerful antioxidant. It inhibited lipid peroxidation in a concentration and time dependent manner. No toxicity data for chamazulene.

A deep blue oil extracted from the chamomile flower. It is a "natural" anti-inflammatory agent used in herbal remedies and cosmetic products.

Great Article written by Eva Marie Lind:  Azulene and Chamomile

ref: Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand / Rodney Young
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Chamomile, Roman ~ USA
View Botanical Name: Anthemis nobilis
Country of Origin: USA
Method of Cultivation: Ethically Farmed
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled / Ethically Farmed
Plant Material Used: Flowering Tops
CAS No: 8015-02-7
Flash Point:62 C

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Chamomile, German - England
View Botanical Name: Matricaria recutita
Country of Origin: England
Method of Cultivation: Conventional / Field Grown
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Plant Material Use: dried flower heads
Family: Compositae or Asteraceae

Synonyms: Blue Chamomile, Chamomilla recutita Flower Oil 

CAS No: 8002-66-2
Flash Point: 62 degrees C

Appearance: Clear Mobile Liquid
Color: Dark, blue

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