Western Juniper

Western Juniper
Western Juniper
Western Juniper
(Also Called Alligator Juniper)

Botanical Name: Juniperus deppeana
Country of Origin: SouthWest, USA
Method of Cultivation: Wild Crafted

Medicine & Incense Smudge
Ethically Wild Crafted & Sustainable

Burning a Juniper Smudge brings many amazing things into your world. The fragrance alone is uplifting & seems to take you to the wilds of the Western Mountains, USA.

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Burning Juniper in your house decreases airborne:
- bacteria,
- viruses,
- mold & mildew.

* It as a historical reputation for purifying the air, especially during and after illness.

* Smudging with Juniper brings a sense of calm & clarity.  Some cultures believe burning Juniper dispels negativity and provides one with protection.

Using Juniper as a medicine plant for burning purposes is very sustainable and a great alternative to those incense plants being used today that are over harvested or threatened from commerce.

- Many cultures have used the various Junipers for a wide variety of ceremonial purposes.

- Juniper is a long lived tree that exemplifies strength and longevity.

Some of the trees that our herbalist have harvested from, date to the time of wild and free Native People. Quote: "I remember those who walked before me and I give thanks."

- Always use caution when burning smudges.
- Watch for falling embers that can burn clothes, rugs, and might catch things on fire.
- ALWAYS have some water on hand to dampen the smudge out.
- NEVER leave smudge sticks unattended.

* The above information was provided by our supplier, a wonderful herbalist from the south west who harvests
all these wonderful plant materials.
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