Ylang-Ylang Sampler

Ylang-Ylang Sampler
Set of 4 - 2 ml sizes

- Ylang-Ylang Extra
- Ylang-Ylang # 1
- Ylang-Ylang # 3
- Ylang-Ylang Complete
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Vanilla Infusion Oil
View Product Name:
Natural Vanilla Infusion WONF (35-fold) (Oil Soluble) # 3
Ingredient Statement:
Fractionated Coconut Oil, Natural Flavor, Ethyl Alcohol
Physical Characteristics: A clear to slightly hazy yellow liquid.
Aroma & Flavor: Sweet, Rummy, Typical of Vanilla.

Flash Point: 148 F / 64 C

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ScentBall Electronic Diffuser Gift Set
View Includes: ScentBall Replacement Pads

2 - 15 ml - Diffuser Blends - Your choice! ~

Joyful Synergies: 15 ml Happiness & 15 ml Joyful
Breathing Synergies: 15 ml Breathing & 15 ml Clear Heated Lung
Magical Synergies: 5 ml Enchanted Forest & 5 ml Luna Magic
Sensual Synergies: 15 ml Sensory Delight & 15 ml Sensuality
Holiday Bliss Synergies: 15 ml Holiday Spice & 15 ml Scandanavian Winter

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Coconut Fractionated Carrier (O)
View Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera
Country of Origin: India
Method of Cultivation: Organic

CAS No: 73398-61-5
Flash Point: > 200 degrees C ( ASTM D92)
Boiling Point: > 250 C

Appearance: Clear, Liquid
Odor: Almost Odorless

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Cocoa Absolute
Cocoa Absolute
Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao
Country of Origin: France
Method of Extraction: Solvent extracted / Alcohol
Plant Material Used: from the bean
CAS No: 84649-99-0
Flash Point: 212 F

Appearance: Dark Brown / Like Syrup
Odor: Sweet Chocolate Aroma

Call for larger.
Rare & Exotic

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Pocket Inhaler Gift Set

We are offering the below synergy Gift Sets:

Your choice of colors: bright red, gold, aqua, cobalt blue, magenta

Your choice of Diffuser Blend in 5 ml size: 

- Breathe Easy 

- Breathing 

- Calming

- Clarity

- Clear Heated Lungs

- Headache Relief

- RoadSide Bandits

- Sinus Relief

- Smoke Out

Included in this Set:

- pocket inhaler color of your choice

- 3 organic cotton wicks

- 5ml synergy of your choice

Click "more information" for details about the Diffuser Blend choices.

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