R & V Synergy

R & V Synergy
R & V
Rose Otto & Vetiver
For Soothing & Grounding

10 ml Roll-on
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Rose Otto Bulgaria is one of my favorite scents.
It is a warm, deep floral, slightly spicy with a very rich, truly the most reminiscent of red roses.
Very calming, with sedative properties.
Significantly improved sleep quality.
Rose is classified as cool and moist in nature, alleviating anxiety and depression.
Epitomizes the gentleness of the female Spirit.
Symbolizes Beauty, Love, Youth,
Perfection and Immortality.
The Sacred Rose.

Vetiver is another favorite ~ so grounding,
Sedative and calming. Aids in balancing the relationship between heart, body and mind.
Vetiver assists us so we can be receptive to Spiritual energy, especially if we are feeling ungrounded or confused, or whenever we feel unsafe in the world and when personal boundaries are vulnerable and weak.
A deep powerful oil.
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