Caraway Seed Extra

Caraway Seed Extra
Latin Name: Carum carvi
Family: Apiaceae/Umbelliferae
Country of Origin: Finland
Extraction Method: This oil is steam distilled
Plant Material Used: from the dried, crushed, ripe fruit (seeds), a small herb.
CAS No: 8000-42-8
Flash Point: 59 degress C
Appearance: A pale yellow to brownish, mobile liquid w/ an intensely spicy odor reminiscent of caraway seeds.
Note: Middle
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Aroma: This is a pale yellow, mobile liquid, possessing a strong and peculiar odor typical of the fruit, but with a fatty-harsh undertone. The taste is similar, but quite burning, warm & biting.

When presenting a 'blind' sample of Caraway oil to an odor panel, one may often hear that 'it smells like rye bread'.

In perfumery, the use of Caraway oil is restricted to soap perfumes where it is often combined with Cassia oil or similar notes. Minute quantities of Caraway oil may be used in Jasmine bases, tabac perfumes, etc.

The main constituents of Caraway Oil is Carvone & Limonene.

Cautions: Avoid during pregnancy. Do not use on young children under 3 yrs of age. Caraway has been found to reduce the efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs for cancer.

External use only.
Do NOT use undiluted on the skin.
Keep away from children & pets.
Store away from heat & light.

Ref: Arctander - Perfume & Flavor Materials of Natural Origin

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