Labdanum Absolute Extra

Labdanum Absolute Extra
Botanical Name: Cistus ladaniferus
Country of Origin: France
Method of Extraction: Alcohol extraction of Labdanum concrete
CAS Number: 8016-26-0
Flash Point: >100 degrees C
Color: Brownish green to brown, viscous
Aroma: Warm, ambered, long lasting aroma. Used extensively in perfumes
Lot number: 651456
Mfg date: March 2018
Use by  :  March 2020
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The oil has a warm, sweet, dry-herbaceous musky scent. The absolute has a sweet herbaceous balsamic odor.

According to Susanne Fischer-Rizzi :
Labdanum conveys a warmth that deeply affects the soul. It is favored for people who feel cold, empty or numb after a traumatic event.

Used extensively in perfume. Partly as an excellent fixative, partly to introduce a rich, suave sweetness and natural undertone, which blends well with citrus-colognes, lavender-colognes all kinds of oriental bases, pine and forest blends.

Blends well with oakmoss, clary sage, bergamot, lavender, pinus pumilio, lavandin and citrus oils.

External use ONLY.
Do not use undiluted on the skin.
Store away from heat & light.
Keep away from children & pets.

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