For the Hobbyist or Professional, we offer the following for those who want to create their own 'synergies'.

The following is a list of supplier that we hope may be helpful to you .. as we sell a limited supply of packaging needs.

SKS Bottling - NY: Great for plastic bottles of all types
Carrow Int'l Inc. - IL: One stop shop - for glass (amber / cobalt), same cap for 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml sizes
O'Berk Bottling Company - NJ: For the big storage amber bottles
Sunburst Bottles - CA: Supplier for the West Coast Folks
Richards Packaging - Canada & USA
Nashville Wraps - TN: Wholesale Gift & Packaging Products
Noble Packaging - NJ / Canada / UK: Packaging items & products
Cape Bottle Company - MA: Contact Lee she is wonderful to work with and extremely helpful

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