Essential Herbal Magazine - 2011

The Essential Herbal is a herb magazine that you can prop up on the kitchen counter while trying recipes, take along to the the natural food store, herb shop, or garden center to help you shop for the best stuff. We originally called it an "herbal newsletter," but since early 2004 when we began running 32 pages, it became an "herbal magazine."

There are 6 issues per year.

There is a real personality to this magazine. No matter who or what is in a particular issue, it always feels like a big fat, juicy letter from an old friend — filled with information, recipes, lore, and crafting ideeas and instructions for using herbs and making them a part of your life everyday.

We know that there is a need for clear instructions for the new herbie — and that the herb recipes and herb craft ideas need to be interesting to the old hands, too. We aren't slick or glossy — but we are fun and folksy.

There is something for everyone in every single issue: a new way to use herbs, a new way to taste herbs, or a new way to use them in family first aid.

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Reminder: We do not ship on Fridays in the summer due to heat!

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