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Welcome to the Perfumers' Emporium. This section of our website is dedicated to all those interested in making their own perfume or personal scent.

Many people are sensitive to synthetic perfumes. And so, many of us in the 'all natural' industry are creating 'All Natural Perfume', or what I like to call 'Signature Scents', that resonates with you.

We create our 'scents' in carrier oil base, which is our preference. Some like to use perfumer's alcohol to create their perfume. It is fun to create your own 'signature scents' or ... try some of our creations.

* Please Note:

Botanical Perfumes or Personal Scent:
You are blending with all natural materials. Once your blend "marries," add either carrier oil or perfumer's alcohol to assist when applying to your skin.

The beauty in the creation of your own perfume or "personal scent" is the knowledge that the ingredients are all natural, NOT synthetic chemicals (which may trigger allergies or headaches).

** Commercially manufactured perfumes are diluted at a ratio of approximately 2% raw material. The materials on this page are undiluted and are at a 100% concentration. Please be advised to use the information according to your blending teachings.

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Not sure what scent you like? Try our samplers.
All Natural Perfume Sampler #1
All Natural Perfume Sampler #2

Key: O = Organic, ONC = Organic, not certified, WC = Wildcrafted



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