Professional Formulas

Don't have time to create your own carrier oil blends? Not sure what carrier oils to use? Let us help you save time and perhaps some cash. Sunrose has created several effective blends based on their therapeutic qualities.

Formula 1: Excellent for mature or aging skin. Useful in skin care products.
Formula 2: Highly nourishing for mature & dry skin. Good for wrinkles or 'crows feet' around the eyes & mouth.
Formula 3: Super nourishing & skin protector. Especially gentle for those with sensitive, mature or delicate skin.
Formula 4: A very light blend for facial massage. Easily absorbed by the skin.
Formula 5: Helpful with bruises and strained muscles, tendons, contusions & swelling. Nourishing & protecting.
Formula 6: Skin softening & moisturizing. Hydrates the skin & reduces redness. Extremely gentle.
Formula 7: Very light texture. Easily absorbed into skin. Good for facial & full body massage blends. Nourshing & mositurizing.

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