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Lafe’s deodorants were created to address consumer concerns that natural deodorants are only marginally effective. Since we started our deodorant line in 1992, we have been creating formulations using active ingredients with proven antibacterial properties.

With consumer friendly ingredients such as natural mineral salts, baking soda, hemp oil, and essential oils, Lafe's is able to create healthy, organic deodorants that are highly effective in eliminating body odor.

Our clean and simple formulations contain no synthetic, petroleum-derived chemicals or alcohols, so you're not exposed to harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your body.

All of our clean, natural hypoallergenic personal care products are aluminum chlorhydrate free! Our popular product line of all natural crystal deodorant sticks, deodorant stones and sprays with aloe vera is what your daily body care routine craves and deserves. 100% chemical free.

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