Distillation Demonstration

Date: August 17th, 2019

Start Time: 10 a.m. – til

Place: Our Farm: Belmont Maine

Cost: Free

Lunch: BYO Lunch

Seating: BYO Lawn chair

Please pre-register if you are interested in attending.

Donations to local: Maine plant organization, food bank or even Plant Savers.

* Free samples of the hydrosols we have distilled.

I am so excited to offer a Demonstration for the "hydrosol”distillation here at the Farm by Laura Kline.

Come and join Laura Kline and I to learn about the ‘first’ aromatherapy "hydrosols”.

Learn what they are, how they are made and watch the distilling of the botanical materials that are grown here on the farm.

Also, Laura is visiting with her own personal stills ... In varying sizes.
And will help me set up my still.
(Ali Baba: of course they all have names!).

We will be collecting the material from right here on the farm – (ie pine, golden rod, which ever herbs are ready to harvest, etc) and distilling in the different size copper stills.

True ‘alchemy’!

In this photo is Yarrow ..

Chamazulene Ct creates the beautiful blue color.

It is truly magical to watch and the scent ..


If you are excited as I am, please pre-register as we will need a count of the folks that will be interested in attending.

And if need be, will do a 2 day demo!

Call: 207 342 2046

eMail: SunRoseAromatics@gmail.com

See you then !



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