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Hi there! I just received my most recent order. I wanted to say thank you for the very generous free gifts: the pocket calendar, the Scandinavian Winter essential oil blend, and the Yoda Sacred Space room spray. I was so pleased!! Thank you for being a great company. Your carrier oils have been top quality and a wonderful asset to my massage practice. I hope all of you at SunRose have a wonderful holiday!

All the Best!
Atlanta, GA

Kellie the crazy Springer, although much improved generally, has been agitated the last few days. I had misplaced the sample of Peaceful Puppy that you gave me and finally today located it. I sat down in the kitchen to read the label as I couldn't remember the name Vetiver and wanted to know what was in it.

Kellie immediately ran up and looked hopefully at me, so I shook it and put a few drops on my hand and onto her chest. Within minutes little miss nutcase, who had been grabbing toys and shoving me with them to get my attention, little miss crazy who had been spinning (albeit more slowly than in the past, lol) decided to lie down quietly at my feet.

I feel better too.

She clearly recognized the odor from ages ago, and knew it would help her calm, or at least associated it with a strong positive.

Just wanted to say thank you again.

Carol Visser - certified master Groomer, ceritfied Pet Dog Trainer, and all around dog person
Two Canines Pet Services

Just wanted to let you know, my toenail is doing so much better thanks to your Funky Feet Fungal Relief you have available! I love the smell of this product too!! My physician would not put me on the medication for toe fungus cause its not a 100% for curing and it can really mess up your liver! Thank you again for letting me know about this product! As a diabetic, toe fungus can be a big problem! I will be using this product as a preventative for the future too!!

Diane Hudson Kohler / KS

Thank you so much for your amazing customer service!I really appreciate the care you have shown me and ..the wonderful gifts you are sending me!!I will definitely look to you for future needs,and I will be telling my family and friends about how awesome you are! I had ordered these for a birthday gift to myself and you have made it all that more special for me.

Thanks again,
Rayna from NT, Canada

Rosanne: I have used your men's pre-shave oil & the after shave. Both products are truly FANTASTIC & I would recommend them to anyone who wants a smooth shave & a soothing after shave.

FRED FORM, Levittown, NY

I received my order and as always everything is lovely. I so appreciate the samples. I had ordered your violet leaf before and you were out of stock. Thank you so much for the sample. It is beautiful and I can't wait to try it. The ylang ylang samples are wonderful as well. It will be great to have such a nice range of ylang ylang to try as ylang has been a mystery to me and they are all different and surprising! Your oils are such a treasure, I am so happy to have discovered you.
Thank You,
Cheryl G.

Dear Rosanne, Thank you so much for my order! Loved my samples! They are all wonderful and very generous. I have used the inhaler already with the sinus oil in(I can now smell the oils you sent : ). Since everyone in the family is not up to par they will be using the various oils in their diffusers to help them get better. Everything I ordered is terrific and I can't wait to put the diffuser in the car. The Holiday Spice scent is already filling the house with a delicious fragrance. Thanks again for such wonderful items, terrific service and thoughtful packaging!
Sincerely, Lourdes

Dear Rosanne, I find your soaps and essential oils extremely exotic, and refreshing. As a man who likes the finer qualities in life, your products enhances the day and evenings.
Frank D.

OHHH, your oils are divine-
Hi, its Aj in Texas.

I got my order yesterday. Is there something amiss with those of us who rip into a box of oils like its a golden treasure? I think somewhere back in my brain as I opened and sniffed the peppermint was, "oh my god". So warm, almost buttery. I thought to myself, "so THIS is what real peppermint is SUPPOSED, to smell like!

Thanks again and Talk soon,
Aj in Texas

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the timely manner in which you process your orders. My order went out the day I placed it and the essential oils are divine. Having never had the pleasure of smelling Neroli, I am now addicted!

Thanks again.
M. Walters

Dear Rosanne,
My experience with you is rich with moments that had taken my breath away...
From the surprise of the free shipping. to the goodies you included in my order, and the sense of wonderment I get when I smell your wonderful oils - it has all been a trip to a land of enchantment.

Thank you!

Rec'd. my order within two days & was very happy with your excellent service & highest quality merchandise. Your essential oils are the finest--I've shopped elsewhere many times so I know the difference. The packing is excellent & very professional. The dropper contained in each bottle cap--certainly makes dispensing easy. Thank you for the generous samples. After just one order with your company, pls. be advised that I WILL NOT SHOP ELSEWHERE. If you can't supply it, I don't need it. Thank you again.
Christine C . from Wildflower Designs - Clifton NJ

Have been trying to compose an articulate note to thank you adequately. Rather than wait until I find the perfect expression of gratitude I just thought I would take a moment to merely say thanks for hosting such a great workshop. It was obvious that a lot of hard work went into such a well organized affair. I was overwhelmed by your heartfelt generosity. The goody bags were unbelievably jam packed with beautiful and useful things.
Jane R.

The absolutes I received from Roseanne at SunRose renewed and refreshed my spirit and are nourishing my unfolding fragrances as well. Other suppliers pale in comparison to the elegance of these pristine botanicals. Thank you Roseanne, I am delighted.
Shelley Lynne
Beau Soleil

As a student of perfumery who seeks to expand her olfactory palette as much as possible, and who spends practically every spare penny on rarities, I'm SOooooo grateful to individuals like you who offer small quantities of uncommon and amazing materials.
April S.


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